Dreaming of riding a camel

What does it mean to dream of riding a camel? Do you dream of riding a camel? Dreaming of riding a camel has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. To dream that you are riding on the back of a camel shows your respect and obedience to your current superiors. In the dream the camel rides fast, like riding a horse, and bumps back and forth, then it contains a sexual connotation. A single man or woman dreaming of a camel will soon find the person of his or her choice. Office workers dream of riding a camel, then the lazy attitude at work will gradually converge, work goals gradually clear, have serious ideas to complete a task or change the status quo. Dreaming of riding a camel with someone, interpersonal relationships will be handled well. To dream of a camel carrying items represents perseverance, tolerance and self-sufficiency, implying that you should possess these excellent qualities. To dream of walking on a camel symbolizes travel and foretells that one will go out for a long journey. To dream of camels in a herd in your dream indicates that you will have a lot of resources at your disposal."