Dreaming of sardines

What does dreaming of sardines mean? How about dreaming of sardines? Dreaming of sardines has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of eating sardines foretells that troublesome things will fall into your lap without warning. For a young woman, if she dreams of putting sardines on the table, it foretells that someone she loathes is paying attention to her and annoying her. To dream of sardines swimming in clear waters foretells that while you are enjoying false prosperity and the pleasure women bring you, the jealousy of others invites open investigations and makes you feel uneasy and you suffer misfortune as a result. To dream of a dead sardine indicates that your relationship with others will be reconciled and your career will see a prosperous revival. To dream of canned sardines usually suggests that someone around you may be jealous of you. To dream of opening a can of sardines may also indicate that you have repressed feelings or long-standing wishes that you need to confide in someone. Psychological dream interpretation dream of sardines Dream Interpretation: The sardines in the dream symbolize the villain. Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of sardines is a reminder to the dreamer to beware of people around him setting him up. Case study of dreaming of sardines I dreamed that a classmate came to play with me and brought me two boxes of canned sardines, so I was very happy. When I ate, I quickly opened the cans and ate them with great pleasure. (Female, 33 years old) Dream Analysis: The sardines in your dream remind you to beware of the villains around you. Dreaming that you are eating sardines reminds you that you are jealous because of your excellent performance, so you should be cautious in your work and life, and be wary of the forces around you that are jealous of you, and beware of others setting you up; dreaming of opening a can of sardines indicates that you are suppressing your feelings, and it is best to find a close friend to confide in."