Dreaming of silver fish

What does it mean to dream of silver fish? How about dreaming of silver fish? Dreams of silver fish have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Silverfish, also known as ice fish, glass fish, belongs to the family Silverfish, freshwater fish, slightly round body length, delicate and transparent, color like silver, tender flesh, short life cycle, discrete generations, fertility and settlement ability. Harmonically speaking, fish and the word "Yu" of "affluence" are homophonic, so some people dream of fish and "affluence" related. In addition, "Yu" is also homophonic with "fish". The fish in the Chinese New Year painting means "surplus". Therefore, fish symbolizes wealth. To dream of silver fish is a good omen. To dream of a silver fish is an auspicious omen. It implies that you will get the opportunity to get rich in your life, whether you can do what you want depends on your ability to grasp the opportunity. Dreaming of eating silver fish is an ominous sign of bad news coming your way. It is possible that a certain stock that you have been bullish on will fall instead of rise, making you lose a lot of money. So pay attention to the direction of the general market in time and take it for what it's worth. To dream of catching silver fish is a sinister omen of a great disaster to come. In real life you may be in jail for pursuing wealth that should not belong to you. The advice to you is to keep in mind the saying: A gentleman loves his money to take what he wants. A patient who sees a silver fish in his dream is a sign of great good fortune. The illness that has been haunting you for many days will soon leave you and you will soon be able to recover your health. To dream of picking up a silver fish from the water is a sign of impending disaster. Job seekers dreaming of silver fish, foretelling the future is uncertain, their eyes low, high can not be low, it is difficult to find a suitable job. A fisherman dreaming of a silver fish foretells that his income will increase. Case study of dreaming of silver fish Dream Description: Dreamed that she was living in an underwater palace, and some of the water creatures in the palace were getting along with her and were very harmonious. One day, she came outside the palace, she was attracted by some beautiful scenery underwater, so she walked further and further away, in a haze, she saw a big silver orb across the street, and when she came a year closer, it turned out to be a spectacular school of silver fish. The school of silver fish soon surrounded her, taking her along with them as they swam through the water. Dream Analysis: This dream indicates that you feel lonely in real life, and the schools of silver fish suggest that you have an inner desire to be surrounded by many friends."