Dreaming of small fish

What does dreaming of small fish mean? How about dreaming of small fish? Dreaming of small fish has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of small fish in love will have happy things happen. Maybe the gift from your lover is something you have wanted for a long time and its style is just right for you, great! A student dreaming of a small fish foretells poor examination results. Widowers and widowers dreaming of small fish omen of the opportunity to travel, with a partner to go lucky, alone is not good. If you dream that a small fish dies, you are going to be sick or make enemies with strong people. A single person dreaming of a small fish die foretells that your love situation is clear and the opposite sex is pursuing you with vigor. It is very in the care of the first feeling, there is the possibility of encountering each other confession. If you refuse, be careful of too direct attitude will hurt people. Dreaming of a lot of small fish indicates that you have good luck with friends lately, and you will get a lot of help from friends when you are in distress, so cherish these friends who have helped you. A salaried person dreaming of many small fish foretells that you tend to think more and do less at work recently, and are also prone to be influenced by holidays, and are eager to gain a lot of useful experience from the exchange and discussion. Students dreaming of many small fish foretells that if you have any meditation recently in your studies you can concentrate on this matter, or you can sit in the dark in order to exclude external interference, which is helpful for you to learn new knowledge. Dreaming that you see a lot of small fish foretells that you should be more concerned about the health of your family elders recently, you may encounter people who strike you, the more you expose your heart to each other, you will also suffer a great blow, emotional aspects will also be caught in a communication dilemma, and all kinds of reasons are caused by the prejudice between each other. Dreaming of catching a lot of small fish means that you will be busy because of other people recently, always a little want to escape, if you really don't want to do it, just hurry up and put it off. In Xu Mozhai's "Xu's five elements of fortune telling" said "Yang life gold phase people", like this fortune telling people will have noble people to help you. Case study of dreaming of small fish Dream description: I dreamed that I was thirsty and wanted to drink water, so I used a cup to scoop a cup in the water tank, and suddenly found a dense tank of small fry swimming around, and I also seemed to drink in a few! I am still unmarried! Dream Analysis: This dream foretells that something will surprise you in the near future. You are unmarried, depending on whether you are in love or not, if you are in love, it foretells that your relationship will be sweeter. If you are single, it may foretell the start of a sweet romance."