Dreaming of small poisonous snakes

What does it mean to dream of small poisonous snakes? How about dreaming of small poisonous snakes? Dreams of small poisonous snakes have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. I saw a small viper and a friend in my dream. In the dream, the friend looked like he was dead, lying down on the ground, breathing evenly, and was about to sit up straight when the small viper suddenly bit him, and then the small viper and the friend disappeared into the bushes. This dream foretells the bad fate of your friend, which will make you very sad, and you yourself will face a loss. A young girl dreaming of a small poisonous snake foretells that a liar will get you into trouble. If a small poisonous snake runs away in your dream, it foretells that you will be able to maintain your character after being hit. To dream of a small poisonous snake running away is a sign that you will continue to maintain your character after being struck. Dreaming of being bitten by a small red snake foretells that it is difficult for you to get the attention you want, but often get more free space because of this, some areas ignored by others, more likely to make you successful in a short period of time; romance, there may be the opposite sex to take advantage of the situation, you do not seem to know how to refuse oh, often make the relationship complicated. To dream of a small poisonous snake foretells of an impending disaster that will inevitably befall you. To dream of a small venomous snake that can break itself into several pieces to attack you is a sign that your rivals who used to be in their own way will also join forces with the intention of bringing you down and replacing you. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of a snake suggests that a "slippery" person or situation may arise. This refers to an occasion in which someone cannot be trusted. Or there is someone you know but cannot control. Snakes are also related to money strings. Psychoanalysis: Because the snake is associated with sex, it suggests unresolved problems in this area or fear of sexual behavior. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the snake in the dream symbolizes moral destruction and deception. The snake that bit its own tail in ancient mythology symbolizes perfection, endless vitality and power. This symbol appears in dreams when you are willing to commit to spiritual self-sufficiency."