Dreaming of snails

What does dreaming of snails mean? How about dreaming of snails? Dreams of snails have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The snail in the dream symbolizes perseverance and self-control. A young girl dreaming of a snail foretells that she will marry a rich man and live a happy life with no worries about food and clothing. An unmarried man dreaming of a snail foretells that he may marry a rich woman as his wife. A married man dreaming of a snail indicates that his health is declining and he should pay attention to recuperation. A wife dreaming of a snail is a good thing, foretelling that her husband's income will increase. A patient dreaming of a snail predicts that he will not recover in the near future and foretells the possibility of being bedridden for a long time. A working person dreaming of a snail is likely to predict a promotion or salary increase. To dream of killing a snail is a sign that you will overcome your enemy. To dream that a snail hides its soft body into a hard shell indicates that you can keep your property safely. To dream of a snail crawling symbolizes that you are surrounded by an unhealthy environment. To dream of stepping on a snail foretells that you will come to terms with a nasty person. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of a snail full of wilderness. The dreamer is a woman, but she is poor. The Secretaries of Dreams Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Seeing a snail in a dream evokes feelings of nausea. It symbolizes fragility and sensitivity and slowness of action. Psychoanalysis: The snail in the dream suggests perseverance and self-control. Movement at a snail's pace symbolizes direct, planned and careful action. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the snail in your dream is an exhortation to you, cautioning you against the rush of time. Case study of dreaming of a snail Description of dream: I dreamed that I was walking in the field, and as I was walking, I suddenly found a snail crawling slowly on the ground. The snail would crawl for a while and then stop to rest for a while. I thought to myself, "This lazy snail is already crawling very slowly, and it is taking too long. (Male, 32 years old) Dream Analysis: Dreaming of an unhurried snail will have various meanings. To dream of a snail crawling indicates that you have a long way to go in your career. To dream of stepping on a snail foretells that you are still surrounded by a rather hypocritical friend; to dream of snail food means to be more satisfied with your family life."