Dreaming of the twelve zodiac signs

What does dreaming of the twelve zodiac signs mean? Is it good to dream of twelve Chinese zodiac signs? Dreams of twelve zodiac signs have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of rats The rat bites the person's clothes sought, the rat is large away from the main good deeds. The cat catcher of mice is the main wealth, white mice lead the way to carry people. Dreaming of a cow The yellow cow comes home to the main rich and powerful, the horns of the cow has blood main three males. The cow gives birth to a calf and gets everything it asks for, and leads the cow and sheep to the joy of the family. Buffalo come home to the main funeral, cattle touching people can not do anything. Cattle on the slope of the mountain is very lucky, buffalo when the ancestors claim food. Riding a bull into the city with good news, the bull goes out and good things come immediately. Dreaming of a Tiger Riding a tiger walker evil things, a fierce tiger roar master get official. The tiger into the house official position heavy, camel tiger leopard line to get the seal. Dreaming of rabbits The group of rabbits comes up to get a noble official, and the white rabbit enters the home to be lucky. Dreaming of a dragon The dragon and the snake are the main attractions. The dragon and the snake kill the main evil, the dragon and the snake into the stove there is an official to. The dragon when the door is a great fortune, the dragon died the main loss of noble position. The dragon rides up the mountain, the dragon enters the well and the official is humiliated. Take the dragon into the water main noble position, the dragon eye in the water to seek things through. Dreaming of snakes The snake goes with the person outside the wife's heart, the snake red black mouth to know the bad luck. Sounding to the snake to the people to lead the wilt, snake bites the main to get a lot of money. The snake walks the valley road with mouth and tongue, snake yellow and white main official business. The snake is transformed into a dragon line with the help of noble people, and the snake enters the bosom to give birth to a noble son. The snake around the body to give birth to a noble son, the snake line within the main water to move glory. Dreaming of a horse The horse travels a thousand miles to the great joy, the horse carries the money and loses its position. Ride the horse fast happy blunt main evil, ride the white horse main disease. All the things that you do are bad, and the things that you do when you go to and from the horse. Horse dance chase before the accident, was bitten by the horse has the locus to. The group of horses running away from a hundred fierce solution, the horse into the room master adulterous affairs. The sinner walks the horse dangerous thing to go, the house born in the main horse lucky. Dreaming of sheep Sheep according to the dolphin line pedestrian to, kill sheep hit sheep main sickness. Riding a sheep on the street, the main fortune, eating mutton in the hall auspicious. Dreaming of a monkey The mountain monkey master has a lawsuit prison, the white ape master has a position of the locus to get. Dreaming of chickens Those who eat meat such as chicken and duck are lucky, and those who kill chicken and duck are lucky for their owners. The rooster gets the main mouth and tongue, and the rooster holds the egg with great joy. Chickens in the tree main wealth, hens crowing women have joy Dreaming of a dog There are thieves and wolves and vicious dogs, and dogs bark at people and ghosts for food. Dreaming of pigs Pigs and boars into people official business to, kill pigs auspicious pigs since the death of the fierce. The knife cut pork main disease, eating pork main disease to. Kill the pig boar people great good fortune, pig and sheep itching main mouth."