Dreaming of trout

What does it mean to dream of trout? How about dreaming of trout? Dreams of trout have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Trout in your dream indicates that good luck will bring you an increase in wealth. To dream of a swimming trout indicates good health and energy. To dream of giving trout to someone else foretells that you may make a close friend who is more powerful than yourself and will help you in the future. Dreaming of making trout to eat means that you live a rich life and are a person who will enjoy. To dream of tasting trout foretells that you will enjoy yourself in good living conditions. Dreaming of selling trout is an ominous sign that your life has been in trouble because you can't grasp the opportunity to get rich in real life, so much so that you have to constantly suffer from misfortune. Dreaming of giving someone trout, this is a hint that you will make friends with big people in your life because you are able to give generously, but have social praise, continue to carry forward your good points! To dream of catching a trout using a fish hook indicates that you will have the ability to harvest pleasure. If you dream of a trout falling back into the water, it foretells that you will have a chance to have a happy addiction. Catching trout with a fish net in your dream symbolizes that your career will be thriving. To dream of trout in murky water means that you will be enjoying sweet love while you are worried about something else. In addition to this, the Freudian school believes that all fish, are symbols of male genitalia. Case study of dreaming of trout Dream description: I dreamed that my friend asked me to go fishing, I am not a good fisherman and I still got nothing after half a day. There were a lot of trout in the reservoir and they were alive and kicking. I thought I might as well buy some fish after all the effort, so I bought a few trout and went home. (Female, 28 years old) Dream Analysis: Trout in a dream is a symbol of health and income. If you dream of swimming trout, it means you will be healthy and energetic. If you dream of catching trout, it means you will achieve good benefits in economy. If you dream of giving someone trout, it means that you will make good friends who are better than you."