Dreaming of two pythons

Dreaming of two pythons, the main five elements of this dream is fire, it is a sign that there are many villains around, then entangled with others, resulting in your heart restless, summer dreams are auspicious, winter dreams are inauspicious. A single man dreaming of two pythons, the recent side of the villain is quite a lot, is a competitive relationship caused by your mind uneasy. In love with this dream, there will be trouble in the relationship, too much peach blossom around the person, feet in several boats will lead to disaster, the incident, damage to reputation. Married men dream of this, there is a very strong sexual implication, then the side of too many peach blossom, more signs of cheating, but by the lover to catch the handle, life unrest. Single women dreaming, too delicate emotions, is a sign that your life is unfavorable, and there are quarrels between each other and your lover, full-time wives, the personal pressure will be shifted to your lover, in turn, the life of the two of you is not smooth. People seeking employment outside, engaged in sales, real estate and other related industries, career disadvantage."