Dreaming of unlucky bears

What does it mean to dream of unlucky bears? Is it good to dream of unlucky bears? Dreams of unlucky bears have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Unlucky bear is a cute but cranky protagonist in the Korean 3D anime, unlucky bear character just like its name, no matter what to do, always stupid feeling, and will mess things up, and may also cause themselves and others are very bad. In the dream, the unlucky bear, however, is often a reflection of himself. Dreaming that you play the role of an unlucky bear indicates that you will be caught up in trouble recently, and you should pay special attention to traffic safety. To dream that you are watching a bad luck bear movie is a sign that you will meet something happy. To dream that an unlucky bear appears in front of you and causes you bad luck, indicates that you will get along well with your friend and both parties will have a good time. To dream of an unlucky bear being bullied indicates that one will be oppressed by superiors and colleagues."