Dreaming of various animals

Dreaming of various animals, to get this dream five elements of the main wood, good career development, is the performance of a turnaround, spring dreams are auspicious, autumn dreams are not auspicious. Those who seek money outside, going east is auspicious, going west is not auspicious, get this dream to do clothing, crystal and other related business people, is the performance of the development of the business is not smooth, more entanglement with others, is more villains. Married man dreaming of various animals, your recent career and the entanglement of others is quite a lot, not good for your life, then engaged in communication with others, sales and other related industries are quite a lot of trouble, your life has more depressing performance. Those who seek money outside should not put their personal temper, and more troubles occur between others, it is your personal nature is too strong to bring trouble constantly, there is overbearing, difficult to accept others ideas with an open mind. Single woman dreaming of various animals, career is used by others, then incur disasters constantly to your bad, engaged in management can not be personal temperament and others have entanglement between, then to your life has trouble with the performance."