Dreaming of water creatures

What does dreaming of water creatures mean? How about dreaming of water creatures? Dreams of water creatures have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a tortoise walking slowly, shadow overshadowing the fortune. Love is especially bad. There is a very high risk of turning against your lover and causing a breakup. Dreaming of fish swimming in water, there will be an unexpected income. Buy something for your uncle, of course your uncle is happy, and as a result, your uncle unexpectedly rewards you with a sum of money, etc. If you dream of catching fish with a fish net, you will encounter lucky events. For example, you will have a chance to sit shoulder to shoulder with a TV star in a train, etc. You will have an exciting, happy and slightly disturbing time. If you dream of fishing at the river, there will be a twist in intercourse. For example, in a date, the other person's eyes are always on the other sex. Due to your reproach, causing tension between the two and so on. You are also too jealous! Dreaming of pulling up a goldfish, the star of strange encounters will approach you. The biggest possibility is to run into an old friend in the street. So the box of memories opens, forgetting the passage of time. To dream of a whale spouting water indicates that a new love will arise. Your matchmaker with her is a book, perhaps the place where the two first met is either a library or a bookstore. Dreaming of a cuttlefish swimming, there will be a big failure in behavior. I released gas in the corridor without thinking, but unexpectedly it was a big audible gas, and was noticed by the people. Most of the time it's something embarrassing like this. Dreaming of fish swimming in a pond, the luck of friends deteriorates. Two people in a group of good friends confront each other because of quarrels, and as a result, a group of friends splits into two factions. It is not so easy to make peace."