Dreaming of waterfowl

What does dreaming of waterfowl mean? How about dreaming of water birds? Dreaming of waterfowl has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a waterfowl, your money luck drops sharply. Although you want to go on a date with your lover, your pocket is empty and your movements will be restricted. To dream of a water bird swimming and playing is an omen of a new lover. (The official website of Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation ) A man with a wife dreaming that water birds are swimming and playing will be adored by a woman other than his wife, which will cause love troubles. A single nobleman dreaming of a water bird foretells that your love affair is full of twists and turns. The original version of Zhou Gong dream dreaming of water birds Dreaming of a mandarin duck in a dormitory - the main symbol of happiness and longevity. The Secretaries of Dreams Dream of a mandarin duck playing in water - auspicious. Mandarin ducks playing in the water for the joy of the omen, get this dream of the main marriage harmony, room and family rejoicing. If you dream that the handle stops, it is a sign of good fortune and longevity. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreams of mandarin ducks playing in water - playing in water is a sign of joy. The Secretaries of Dreams Dreams of lovebirds flying in the garden pond - auspicious. The main man and woman love each other, the soul condensed into a sign, the joy will not be in January. The Dream Forest Interpretation Mandarin ducks scattered - the main wife is evil. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Zhou Gong stock market dreams of water birds Dreaming of water birds swimming and frolicking, the stock market suggests hovering in the lowest price. Case study of dreaming of water birds Dream description: I dreamed that a large flock of waterfowl swarmed up to the house, and the waterfowl chattered a lot of fish in their mouths towards the yard, and I gathered around to catch them. Dream Analysis: Dreaming of a water bird means that you are not a down-to-earth and sincere person who likes to hook up with women everywhere, and dreaming of a water bird chattering a lot of fish that you pick up ready-made, also means that you are a person who relies on soft food."