Dreaming of white butterflies

What does it mean to dream of white butterflies? How about dreaming of white butterflies? Dreams of white butterflies have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The white butterfly is light and beautiful, symbolizing the spiritual life of people. To dream of a white butterfly flying among the flowers means that one will live a happy life and something happy will happen. To dream of a white butterfly with a broken wing means that due to disappointment, one loses confidence in life, loses money in business, becomes physically ill and is plagued by sorrow. If you dream that a white butterfly falls on your head or hat, you will be promoted to the third level or become a millionaire because you are outstanding. To dream of catching a white butterfly means that the beloved girl will marry you. But if the white butterfly that arrived flies away again, it means she will marry someone else. To dream that one turns into a white butterfly and dances in the air is a sign of fame due to outstanding work or publication of excellent works. Dreaming of a flock of flying white butterflies means happy events at home and joyful years with family. Dreaming of a white butterfly flying into a fire is a sign of a setback in the middle of the process or a disappointment such as losing to a competitor. When you dream of watching white butterflies flying in the air, you will have to spend your nerves on matters related to the opposite sex, especially if you face a wretched dilemma due to the other party's flirtation. Dreaming of a dead or injured white butterfly, a sign of bad luck on the wife, or a sign of conflict with the package. Dreaming of falling down while catching a white butterfly means expending energy and materials to achieve an absurd thought. Dreaming of white butterflies fluttering in the garden, something happy is happening. A girl who dreams of a white butterfly will marry a rich, desirable man. A student dreaming of a white butterfly indicates that the recent exams are not as good as they should be and that more effort is needed. Dreaming of a white butterfly crack indicates good health and will become increasingly healthy. A man dreaming of a white butterfly is likely to make new friends, but he should be careful to prevent being cheated. Job seekers dreaming of white butterflies, job search luck is not good, because the heart of pessimism Xie Tai, and there is little enthusiasm. The old man dreamed of a white butterfly, bad luck. The performance in the responsibility and ideal, a bit overwhelmed, a little frustration, should be measured, in order to turn the crisis into peace. Unmarried people dreaming of white butterflies, foretell that the relationship is stable and heating up, more communication with each other, let each other understand you better, suitable for talking about career work problems. A young person dreaming of a white butterfly suggests that health needs more attention and will cause rashes due to the environment, especially the digestive system, so pay attention to dietary details. Psychological dream interpretation dream of white butterfly Dream Interpretation: The white butterfly in the dream symbolizes relaxation and freedom. Psychoanalysis: If you see a white butterfly in your dream or feel yourself transforming into a white butterfly, it means that you find yourself incapable of settling down and doing a time-consuming and laborious job. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the white butterfly in a dream or in meditation symbolizes the liberated mind on the one hand, and the immortality of life on the other."