Dreaming of white pigs

What does it mean to dream of white pigs? Is it good to dream of a white pig? Dreaming of white pigs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a pig implies wealth and happiness, and also implies that the child born in the future will have more wealth and happiness. A black pig implies a son, and a white pig implies a daughter. Dreaming of a white pig is an auspicious omen that a daughter with much wealth and good fortune will be born in the future. To dream of being chased by a big white pig is likewise a good dream of getting rich, foretelling of getting rich. If you dream of killing a white pig, your money will run well. There will be plenty of pocket money and you can watch two movies a week. The workers dreamed of killing a white pig, the main in the work of the secret force more time, have their own independent secret plan, do not like the interference of others and help, to colleagues mysterious feeling. Dreaming that you help kill a white pig, in the near future, you will be successful in what you do and will be praised by everyone A man dreaming that he helped kill a white pig, the main recent luck is thriving, but to keep to his place. Dreaming of being chased by a white pig, one will have official luck and prosperity. To dream of being bitten by a white pig foretells that your current work and career will generate a lot of resistance. Dreaming of many white pigs, this kind of resistance on the one hand, may be their own way of doing things is not right, not supported by everyone; on the other hand, it may come from the plotting of the villain. On the one hand, it may come from the conspiracy of the villain. To dream of being chased by a white pig is a great good omen that you will encounter great things and opportunities."