Dreaming of worms

What does dreaming of worms mean? How about dreaming of worms? Dreams of worms have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The worm symbolizes death and decay, and its appearance in a dream foretells you of an unwelcome enemy, or sinister intruder who will steal your beloved's love for you. To dream of worms may also represent a financial crisis for you. If the worm is wriggling in the corpse in the dream, it symbolizes the continuation of life after death, death and life after death. A young woman dreaming of worms crawling on her body foretells that she will desire material gain. To dream of throwing away or killing worms foretells that she will shake her desire for material things and turn to morality and spirituality. To dream of using worms as bait foretells that you will use your opponent to your advantage by means of resourcefulness. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The basic meaning of the worm symbolizes the penis. Depending on your gender and your view of sex, the worm can be seen as threatening. Psychoanalysis: Worms appear in dreams to express your feelings of uselessness or meaninglessness. If the worm is bigger than a person, it reflects your inferiority complex. If the constructor sees those substances excreted by the earthworm after gnawing the dirt, this is related to transformation. It indicates that you can change your life and benefit from it. Spiritual symbolism: dreaming of worms, that is a metaphor for death. You should prepare yourself for the changes that will soon take place on a spiritual level."