Dreaming of yellow finches

What does dreaming of yellow finches mean? Is it good to dream of yellow finches? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of yellow finches, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The yellow finch is a type of sparrow, also known as the yellow bird, a bird with a beautiful appearance and lovely form, often used as an ornamental. In dream science, dreaming of a yellow finch is an auspicious sign. Dreaming of a yellow bird, the official will be promoted to a higher position. Dreaming of eating yellow bird meat, luck is also very good, the official will have the happy event of receiving recognition. A pregnant woman dreaming of a yellow finch is very auspicious. It implies that the pregnant woman will be happy with her son, a happy event. An elderly person dreaming of a yellow bird is not a good omen. I'm afraid something unfortunate will happen. To dream that there are many yellow finches foretells great good fortune and success in business. To dream of catching a yellow bird means that sorrow messes you up and you will be attacked by competition from competitors. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of a yellow bird is auspicious. This dream has the auspicious omen of the title. Those who have started to get the rank, those who have been appointed will be advanced. Regardless of the different paths, those who have been registered, all add titles and honors, honor and favor. If the old man should not dream of this, fear of resignation to the mountains of the omen. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream of a yellow bird. Middle-aged people dream of it, the main to get a super move; old people have been sent to the dream, fear of the omen of death. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation The dream of eating a yellow bird is auspicious. Civilians and military generals are all honored. The dream of a person who has a son is an omen of great prestige. Dream Forest Interpretation"