Dreaming of yellow snakes

What does dreaming of yellow snakes mean? Is it good to dream of a yellow snake? Dreaming of yellow snakes has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Wen Gong dreamed that the yellow snake from the world's possessions, its mouth stopped in Shaanxi Yan. Wen Gong asked Shi Dun, Dun said: This is the sign of God, the king of its shrine. Dreaming of a yellow snake, this is a good dream, it means wealth and good weather! The yellow snake is Hexi, the five elements of fire and earth. More for the career of people with intermediate help then more to add a fire, more related to title promotion. A single man dreaming of a yellow snake is to meet a young and beautiful woman, and the two of you will have a good relationship. A single woman dreaming of a yellow snake is to be introduced to someone of the opposite sex, and although you truly like it, your feelings are not genuine and you must be careful of being cheated emotionally. If an old man dreams of a yellow snake, it means that his children and grandchildren are virtuous and filial, remembering that it is an upward movement and downward movement. If you dream of a yellow snake, it is suitable for you to go south. You can meet people who can help you on the way, and if you are not in a good mood recently, it is suitable to travel outside. Married men dreaming of yellow snakes, to be careful of the work of a villain, will have slander between you and your boss into will lead to your career problems. Married women dreaming of a yellow snake, a better relationship with her husband, dreaming of a yellow snake also has a very strong sexual implication."