Dreaming of a funeral Burial

Dreaming of a funeral Burial What does it mean? Do you dream of a funeral or burial? Dreams of funerals and burials have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a funeral usually symbolizes the end of something. In addition, dreaming of someone's funeral also foretells that you will break your fortune. To dream that you are hanging the dead may also indicate that you are going to have a baby or that someone close to you is going to have a baby. To dream of receiving news of someone's funeral is a sign that you may receive news of someone's marriage, or the birth of a child. If you dream of your own funeral, it is a sign that you will start a new life. If you dream of attending the funeral of someone who is alive, it symbolizes the end of a relationship or you wish to end a relationship. To dream of cremation indicates that good luck will be expected. To dream of a hearse, or to be overtaken by a hearse, foretells of financial prosperity, economic generosity, reduced expenses, but an increasing trend of income. To dream of a burning corpse foretells good luck, productive work and rising academic performance. To dream that someone is giving a eulogy, or that you are giving a eulogy to someone else, suggests that you may be embarrassed by not treating people sincerely enough. If you dream that someone is giving a eulogy to you, it foretells that you will have an unexpected gain or an elevated status. If you hear an elegy in your dream, it foretells a happy event, a friend or relative may be getting married or having a celebration. Dreaming of a funeral will be an omen of dissipation of wealth. To dream of attending the funeral of a loved one means that everything will go as planned. Good things will happen if lost things reappear; or if you make up with a friend who has opposed you. There is good news when you hear the cry of a funeral in your dream. To dream that you attend a funeral to pay tribute to or memorialize the deceased indicates that you will become pregnant or someone in your close family will have a child. Dreaming of cremation indicates that good things to look forward to will come. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: To dream of a funeral means that you must clarify your feelings about death, here it is not necessarily your own death that is involved, it could also be another person. The dream causes you to be alerted to the need to grieve for something or for a deceased person. And, only this time of grief can prompt you to plan for the future. If you dream of your own funeral, it may indicate a desire for sympathy aroused or suggest that some part of your personality is paralyzed or even dead. Psychoanalysis: If you dream of your parents' funeral symbolizes a first step towards independence or a painful farewell to the past. You should probably give up his childhood and childhood experiences and emphasize this act through a celebration and ritual. Spiritual symbolism: in spiritual terms, a funeral implies a transitional rite of passage."