Dreaming of angels

What does dreaming of angels mean? How about dreaming of angels? Dreams of angels have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Usually, an evil or sinful person dreams of an angel, indicating a desire in his heart to change his ways; a good person dreams of an angel, indicating spiritual comfort. In addition, when we have changes in the spiritual world, we may also dream of angels, indicating that light will overcome darkness, and that the noble side of our inner heart will overcome bad thoughts such as selfish thoughts. When losing a loved one, etc. becomes a time of great sorrow, dreaming of an angel also indicates comfort to oneself. Seeing an angel from afar in your dream may warn you to stop certain bad deeds and sins early, or else you will have calamities and be punished. To dream of talking to an angel may indicate death, illness or being in trouble, etc. An unmarried woman dreaming of an angel foretells that she will marry into a wealthy family. dreammaster.org A pregnant woman dreaming of an angel foretells that her future child will have extraordinary achievements. If an angel warns you in your dream, it suggests that you will experience ups and downs in your relationship or finances. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Dreaming of a cherub that incites limbs and bladders to fly everywhere indicates that you seek a parental figure and wish to provide unconditional love and support. Of course, it also indicates that you must pay attention to the development of such personalities and characteristics of yourself. It may be that religious pictures are finding their way into your life. Psychoanalysis: The relationship between the mother and the mother figure must be treated differently and observed in a comprehensive manner. Seeing an angel in a dream is an anthropomorphic representation of this relationship. Spiritual symbolism: Seeing an angel in a dream symbolizes the dreamer's spiritual openness. In addition, angels imply the power and penetrating clarity of the God of heaven. Case study of dreaming of an angel Dream description: I dreamed that a lively and lovely little angel came to me. This little angel was dressed in a white dressing gown with two white wings, a round smiling face and big eyes. I dreamed that the little angel and I were playing together and were especially happy. (Female, 17 years old) Dream Interpretation: A cute and holy cherub is a symbol of purity and nobility. The cherubs in your dream indicate that your heart desires purity and has a desire to be compassionate. Generally speaking, kindness and compassion are qualities unique to mothers, so angels can also be seen as a symbol of motherhood. To dream of an angel also indicates that you have a fear of death."