Dreaming of cremation

What does dreaming of cremation mean? Do you dream of cremation? Dreams of cremation have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Crematorium as the name implies is used to burn the bodies of the place, subconsciously we all define the crematorium as the yang to the nether world, so after dreaming of crematorium will feel that this dream is an inauspicious dream, then dream of crematorium okay? To dream of cremation is an omen of prosperity. To dream of a corpse being cremated indicates that your enemies will weaken your influence in your career circle. To dream that you are being cremated foretells that your career will obviously fail if you do not stick to your own judgment, but rely on the opinions of others. Dreaming of someone being cremated foretells that you may receive an inheritance, or other benefits. A businessman dreaming of a cremation foretells prosperous business and wealth."