Dreaming of Peek-a-boo

What does dreaming of Peek-a-boo mean? How about dreaming of hiding from cats and dogs? Dreams of hiding cats and pussycats have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of playing hide and seek with others indicates that you will do something very unworthy that will cost you. To dream of playing touch the blind (game) indicates that you will be engaged in a weak career, which will likely cause you humiliation, in addition to monetary losses. Dreaming of playing hide and seek means that your interpersonal relationships are not bad, but they are still not enough. You have realized that you should have a wider range of people, so you will also work hard to improve them. To dream that you are playing hide-and-seek with someone means that you are about to do something very unworthy, something that will cost you money, and in addition to that, you will lose face and be humiliated by the people. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Having your eyes covered up in a dream symbolizes a conscious attempt to deceive you. If you blindfold someone, it indicates dishonesty in dealing with other people for reasons that may still exist between being unaware. Psychoanalysis: You may need time to reflect on yourself from the outside world. Spiritual symbolism: the covered up eyes may indicate a convention of over-hiding."