Dreaming of Talking Talking Talking

Dreaming of Talking Talking What does it mean? Do you dream that you see talking, talking, talking? The dream of a conversation has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of yourself or others talking or conversing usually indicate your interpersonal relationships, the state of communication with people. In addition to this, there are also some agreed-upon symbolic meanings. Dreaming that you are talking with a junior means that you are amiable, easy-going, well liked, respected and trusted. To dream that you are talking to your elders suggests that the dreamer's heart may yearn to be understood, or he or she may feel somewhat neglected in ordinary life and therefore needs emotional communication and care. To dream that you are talking to your peers is a sign that the dreamer will make more friends or desire the understanding and support of friends. A woman dreaming that she is talking to a pregnant woman may also foretell that she will be pregnant with a girl. Young men and women in love, dreaming of talking with their lovers, foretell that they are about to get married and live happily. Couples who have been separated for a long time dream of talking to their husbands or wives, foretelling that the couple will be reunited. To dream of talking to a stranger, you may be insulted. To dream of talking to a monk is a sign of misfortune or the death of someone in the family. To dream of talking to a dead person suggests that one's fortune will advance, or one will be promoted and given an official promotion. To dream of talking to animals, be careful about your health, take proper rest and relaxation, and mediate your spirit. This dream implies that recently there is too much mental stress, and there is a risk of suffering from mental stress, mental illness, or serious illness. Dreaming of talking with sisters will bring good news. Dreaming of talking to a dead person indicates that some small wish can be fulfilled or that there will be good news about the matter being discussed."