Dreaming of Yangge

What does dreaming of Yangge mean? How is it to dream of a Yangge song? The dream of a Yangtze song has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Yangge is a Han Chinese dance that originated from the labor life of rice planting and plowing, and is related to the chant sung to worship the gods of agriculture and pray for a good harvest. It is a comprehensive art form integrating song, dance and drama, and is an intangible cultural heritage. Dreaming of twirling a rice-song with others is auspicious and means that the dreamer is in good health and is a harbinger of promotion. Unmarried people dreaming of twirling a rice paddy, then love is sweet first and then bitter. An unmarried male dreaming of twirling a rice plant indicates that you have bad financial luck. Candidates dreaming of twirling a rice-song foretells that they will get very good results in exams."