Dreaming of a celebration

What does dreaming of a celebration mean? Is it good to dream of a celebration? Dreams of celebrations have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Young people dream of celebrations, you have no regard for customary restrictions, you just want to have fun while you are young, although you do not want to, in fact, most of the expenses have to rely on others. To dream of a celebration foretells that you will be involved in many satisfying endeavors. For a young woman, this is an auspicious dream indicating a happy marriage and more blessings for you in real life. Case study of dreaming of opening celebration Because in the business world, friends have an opening celebration and other activities I will go to support, so in the dream there will be such scenes. I dreamed that I was at a friend's grand opening celebration and there were more people there. (Male, 35 years old) Dream Analysis: The opening celebration in a dream is a symbol of wealth and status. To dream of attending your own opening celebration indicates that your good fortune is coming, meaning that you will have prosperous wealth and business. To dream of attending someone else's opening celebration indicates that you have a wide range of social intercourse and foretells that your social status will be improved."