Dreaming of a degree

What does dreaming of a degree mean? How about dreaming of a degree? Dreaming of a degree has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you have received a degree in literature foretells that your work will be successful or your experimental project will be successful. To dream that you give a degree to someone else foretells that you will be promoted, get a promotion and have a smooth career. An unmarried woman dreaming of getting a degree foretells that you will marry a learned scholar, or a linguist in the future. To dream that your degree is taken away from you implies that you will experience a low point in your life and taste the warmth of human feelings. Case study of dreaming of a degree Description of dream: It is said that the days are passing by so fast. Four years of college life are about to pass, and the academic conferment ceremony will be held soon. I dreamed that I wore a degree costume and was officially awarded a bachelor's degree, and I was so excited that I shed tears. (Female, 21 years old) Dream Analysis: A dream of a degree means success and development. To dream that you get a bachelor's degree, it means your efforts will be successful. To dream that you receive a master's degree means that your career will be further developed. To dream that you receive a doctorate degree indicates that your reputation will be enhanced."