Dreaming of a feast

What does dreaming of a feast mean? How is it to dream of a banquet? Dreaming of a banquet has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are attending a joyous feast foretells that you are unconcerned with the cold facts you have experienced in your life and are obsessed with the ways of pleasure that will put you behind the times. You will not lack for anything, but depend to a great extent on others. To dream that you are at a party is a sign that you are blind to the cold realities of life and that you are having some behind-the-times fun. You may never want to be dependent on others, but you are dependent on them to a great extent. A rich banquet is a symbol of abundance and well-being. A feast in a dream is a symbol of a rich life and strong social skills. The presence of a lively banquet scene in the dream indicates a good living situation and foretells that the dreamer will become more and more socially competent. To dream of a sumptuous and grand banquet scene indicates that the dreamer's family is happy and harmonious, living a rich and comfortable life, and the days will get better and better. To dream of attending a banquet held by others implies that the dreamer will have good luck; to dream of a banquet where cooking utensils and food are lying around implies that a quarrel will occur in the dreamer's family. A woman who dreams of a banquet will soon be married."