Dreaming of a meeting

What does it mean to dream of a meeting? How about dreaming of a meeting? Dreaming of a meeting has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a meeting, an ominous sign, will have conflicts with people. To dream of a meeting is, on the one hand, a reflection of recent work pressure. On the other hand, it symbolizes the dreamer's decisiveness, the way of communication with the outside world, etc. If you dream that you are silent at a meeting and say very little, it means that you are a person with a strict personality who is very careful to grasp the proportion in the work. If you dream that you are speaking strongly in a meeting and are very provocative or persuasive, it foretells that you will usually influence yourself to solve the problems you are currently experiencing. Dreaming of a chaotic and noisy situation in a conference room suggests that you may encounter difficulties at work and face a crisis; or you may feel confused when facing a decision and find it difficult to make a choice. To dream of holding a public meeting where people welcome you with loud applause, such a dream predicts that you will succeed in solving a difficult problem in your work or life, achieve success and receive recognition. To dream of being booed at a meeting suggests that you may be somewhat unsure of yourself. Dreaming of attending a men's convention, you will fight with someone. A man dreaming of a meeting with a woman is an omen of prosperity. A patient dreaming of attending a men's and women's conference will recover his or her health without treatment. Dreaming that the conference is over will be mentally unwell. If you dream that you are presiding over the assembly, you will become an official rank of the earnest family."