Dreaming of a phone call

What does dreaming of a phone call mean? How about dreaming of making a phone call? Dreaming of a phone call has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. You need to be careful of the people around you when you dream that you are calling someone. Students dreaming that their teachers call them at home will improve their academic performance. If you dream that your lover calls you, you should be careful of a third party interfering. Case study of dreaming of a telephone Perhaps it was because I missed my classmates. In my dream, I was knitting a sweater when suddenly, the phone rang and it was a call from an old classmate. She invited me to our school's alumni meeting and hoped I could attend. (Female, 25 years old) Dream Analysis: A telephone call in a dream is a symbol of confiding in someone and meeting new friends. To dream of a phone call indicates that you wish to have someone in your mind to talk to. To dream that you are on the phone indicates that you are speaking out what is on your mind. If you dream that someone is calling you, it indicates that you will make a new friend. If you dream of a visible telephone, it is a symbol of career and friends."