Dreaming of absence

What does dreaming of absence mean? How about dreaming of absence? Dreams of absence have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that one of your relatives or friends is missing, pay extra attention to the safety of that person, suggesting that the missing one may suffer a disaster. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: To dream of someone being absent or to dream of a missing object may mean that something unexpected will happen. You may be looking for something missing, or his feelings are very important in relation to the absence (i.e. fear or anger). A child dreaming of an absent mother could mean loss of life, etc. This could be a traumatic experience. Psychoanalysis: You may be in a situation where you do experience some kind of loss or rejection of what he actually needs. You dream that you are in a familiar situation, but you are short of a beloved object or an acquaintance, which means some kind of instability or erratic emotions. Spiritual symbols: experiencing absence or a feeling of emptiness means loneliness, desolation, isolation."