Dreaming of anchoring Anchoring

Dreaming of anchoring What does it mean to dream of anchoring? How about dreaming about anchor and anchoring? Dreaming of anchoring Anchor has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a ship at anchor means that your full will will be fulfilled. To dream of anchoring is a sign of going on a long trip. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: To see a boat anchor in a dream usually signifies the fixation of some aspect of your feelings and indicates that you are aware of the urgency of such aspects. You should be firm in your ideas or claims, they are the basis of your position in the world under difficult circumstances. Psychoanalysis: You are desperate for encouragement so that you can acquire the skills to develop yourself and keep yourself firm in "unstable times". You can survive only if you survive the storms. If you see an anchor in your dream, it means that you are under too much external pressure. Spiritual symbol: you gradually develop the hope that you can achieve peace in the future."