Dreaming of applying for the exam

Dreaming of applying for the exam What does it mean? Do you dream that you can see the examination? There are realistic influences and reactions in dreaming about applying for exams, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If someone says that it is a good omen to win the examination, it is a bad omen to say that you did not win the examination. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream of the examination, the Lord God said people told. Dreams of this, regardless of the gods, where there is a pre-reported language, the word in the auspicious, the word is not fierce. Near and far there is a period, all for the great good omen. Must be detailed in its meaning, with the change and accounted for. There is a direct response, there is also a curve. If you are not a literary person, you must be an omen for your children. Or send a dream to another person, especially the spiritual experience. There are also false dreams, or because of the dream not to repair, or to dream light leak, so the auspicious turn to evil ears. The Dream Forest Xuan Xie"