Dreaming of applying lipstick

What does dreaming of applying lipstick mean? How is it to dream of putting on lipstick? Dreaming of applying lipstick has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. To dream of looking in the mirror and putting on makeup and lipstick means that she begins to explore her own essence and starts to pay attention to her appearance and expects to change it to make herself look better to the outside world. Putting on makeup means covering up one's shortcomings and creating a better image of oneself to others. By applying lipstick, she may start to pay more attention to her female identity. Lipstick in a dream is a symbol of a significant female image, proving that one wants very much to get the attention of the opposite sex inside oneself. To dream of buying lipstick represents that you have a desired one. A woman dreaming of using or buying lipstick is a symbol of great good. Men who dream of using or buying cosmetics for women should beware of damage to their reputation that could affect their business or career. It is advisable to follow advice and take a hard look at the activities they are currently engaged in, or to choose a new partner to work with. Dreaming of lipstick suggests a desire for sex, or a slutty private life, especially if you dream of caressing your lips with lipstick, or smearing it back and forth on your mouth. If you dream of smearing lipstick haphazardly on your body, look a touch alarming, such a dream implies fear of sexual violence, on the other hand, also pay attention to rest and timely regulation of mental health."