Dreaming of arguing with my boyfriend

What does it mean to dream of arguing with your boyfriend? Is it good to dream that you see arguing with your boyfriend? Dreams of arguing with your boyfriend have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of arguing with your boyfriend, life will be happy. Dream and boyfriend quarrel, suggesting that the dreamer in the relationship with her boyfriend, eager to get more care, more love boyfriend, in fact, as long as the two sides can be honest with each other, together to solve the differences between each other, is the omen of a more intimate relationship. Dreaming of a boyfriend talking back, a good omen, love will be sweet as honey. To dream of arguing with your family is a typical anti-dream that foretells that you will get along well with your family and have a very good relationship. To dream of quarreling with your husband means that the life of the couple will be very sweet. A married woman dreaming of arguing with her husband means that she will soon be pregnant and there is a possibility that it will be a boy. A husband dreaming of arguing with his wife foretells that your life will be very happy. Students dreaming of quarreling with their family members means they want a free life and have good luck in exams in the near future and can easily get good grades. Job seekers dreaming of quarreling with family members foretells that they will have good luck in their recent job search and will soon find a job of their choice. To dream of arguing with a friend means that when it comes to a critical moment, your friend will leave you."