Dreaming of arguing with the teacher

What does it mean to dream of arguing with the teacher? Is it good to dream of arguing with a teacher? Dreaming of arguing with a teacher has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of arguing with a teacher is a sign of difficulties in life. To dream of arguing with your teacher, if you are a student and the dream is about your current teacher, it means that you have a lot of dissatisfaction with a certain side of your teacher. If it is a teacher from the past, it means that you are a bit uncertain in your life and are deciding. Dreams of being tired or angry after a fight can be explained from two perspectives: physiological and psychological. First of all, physiologically speaking, the causes may be due to individual exertion, weather changes, and incorrect sleeping posture. Psychologically speaking, the psychological burden is increased due to work pressure, interpersonal interactions and unexpected events. Dreaming of a quarrel in which one is very angry, and even waking up will still feel angry and shaking, implies that the dreamer feels strong pressure in reality as well as unfair treatment, which slowly accumulates, and in the dream the subconscious mind will automatically look for an outlet, and after releasing the energy in the dream, it will be beneficial to rediscover one's inner balance, while reminding the dreamer to try to relieve this pressure until it is completely ruled out, and not to let it continue Accumulation, because in reality, if you encounter some practical life problems, there is too much emotional repression, which often makes people sick, or in serious cases, mental illness or psychopathy. Dreaming of a quarrel with others is very aggrieved, suggesting that the dreamer's character is mild, even if something aggrieved, will not explode, will only be smothered in the heart, in ordinary times may be more concessions to others, sometimes feel that they are ultimately not the opponent of others, so there will be a feeling of being poked in the stomach a knife, but in the real world, often small intolerance is chaos, according to the interpretation of the dream, the dream loss is a good thing. Dreaming of a quarrel and saying blasphemous words, representing the dreamer to understand the supernatural power, but also still has its shortcomings, should take life in their own hands, this understanding is a great wisdom, dreamers of such a dream, will be in the business and life out of their own way, can use their hands to create future happiness."