Dreaming of backgammon

What does it mean to dream of backgammon? How about dreaming of backgammon? Dreaming of backgammon has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are playing backgammon indicates that you have received unfriendly hospitality when visiting, but have inadvertently won a long-lasting friendship. If you lose the game, your emotional payoff is regrettable and your affairs remain unsettled. Something bad will happen and you will be in big trouble, you need to prepare in advance to deal with the crisis. To dream that you are playing chess or Go often suggests that you will face disasters, fights, or obstacles in your work, so be careful and prepare early. A businessman dreaming of playing chess is an ominous sign that business will fail. A thief or burglar dreaming of playing chess indicates that he will be caught on the spot. Chowder Stock Market Dreaming of playing backgammon, the stock price has only a small increase or decrease, a weak hovering situation."