Dreaming of badminton

What does dreaming of badminton mean? How about dreaming of badminton? Dreams of badminton have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming that you are playing badminton with your friends, you may be a little impatient or not focused enough at work recently. Doing this dream reminds you not to rush or focus too much on opportunism, in the long run, you will miss the opportunity to really develop. Only down-to-earth is the way to long-term development. To dream of playing badminton means that you have a lot of energy. Badminton in dreams represents joy and friendship. To dream of badminton indicates that you are in a happy mood, that happy mood, just like the flying badminton. This dream foretells that you will have happy times. To dream that you are playing badminton indicates that you will make several very good friends. This dream means to see that you will win sincere friendship dream badminton can not be played, while in real life you can play badminton and let the years grow in sports."