Dreaming of beating others

What does it mean to dream of beating others? How about dreaming that you hit someone else? The dream of yourself hitting someone else has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Fighting symbolizes arguments, enemies, and rivals, so dreaming of a fight indicates that you are in a competitive environment. To dream that you beat up someone means that you will be praised by others for doing your best for them. If you dream that you hit someone else, it means that the dreamer will be praised by others. When you dream of instigating a beating, the person being beaten will become your best friend. To dream that you beat someone with whom you have no relationship is a bad omen of bad luck and failure. To dream that one has slapped someone means that the dreamer will have to endure ridicule from others for some time; Dreaming of a fight with a classmate, your luck in interpersonal relationships rises. You can be bold and positive with anyone, and people around you are bound to be open and honest with you and will never come into conflict. To dream that one's lover is beaten means that the love between them will grow deeper and that their love is eternal. To dream of beating one's chest is an ominous sign, either one will be implicated in some criminal case or one's friend or relative will die with the world."