Dreaming of beating wolves

What does dreaming of beating wolves mean? Is it good to dream of fighting wolves? Dreaming of fighting wolves has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Dreaming of fighting wolves is a bad omen, and nothing the dreamer does will go well. I dreamed of beating a wolf and of hitting its head with a stick. It is said that wolves are copper-headed and tofu-waisted, and it is wrong to hit the head of a wolf. To dream of beating a wolf, to dream of beating a jackal means overindulgence and illness; to dream of shooting a wolf means the dreamer will be a timid person. Dreaming of a jackal chasing a friend, the friend will be a coward and cannot be trusted. Dreaming of a leopard wandering in a cemetery or crematorium, a family member is going to die. Dreaming of a jackal, you will have a bad day and may be seriously ill. Dreaming of a jackal advancing on you step by step, you have to spend a lot of money to cure your loved ones. A girl dreaming of a jackal coming towards her will marry a weak man. A married woman dreaming of a jackal breaking into her home should pay attention to the health of her offspring. A yin-yang child or a physically weak offspring will be born. A woman dreaming of a wolf means she will get sick; a man dreaming of a wolf pouncing on him and his wife will get pregnant."