Dreaming of being a teacher

What does it mean to dream of being a teacher? How about dreaming of being a teacher? Dreaming of being a teacher has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you are a student it foretells that your academic performance will improve! If you are a businessman foretells the recent decline in fortune, but you can get the help of noble people will not lose too much. The working people foretell the improvement of their positions and they will have to work a lot in the future. To dream of a childhood initiation teacher means that the dreamer is reflecting on something. To dream of being taught by a teacher means that the dreamer is about to be freed from a difficult situation. To dream of talking to a teacher means that the dreamer is about to discover his or her unrecognized potential or the opportunity to make progress. Dreaming of greeting a teacher, you will get a good friend or a promotion and salary soon. Dream of being praised by the teacher, in terms of academic dark clouds, due to days of staying up late, in class actually began to doze off ...... results in criticism by the teacher, this is called anti-dream. To dream of being scolded by a teacher means that the dreamer is uneasy about his or her health or actions and has a feeling of doing something wrong. Dreaming of visiting a teacher's home, one's interpersonal relationships will have problems, with a contentious star overhead, so pay attention to your words and actions to prevent arguments, especially your temper should not be violent. If you dream of a teacher of the opposite sex climbing up to you intimately, your love luck will decline and your lover's relationship will start to become tasteless, so it's best to change your dating style. If you dream that you are attending a class, your reading or career luck is getting better and you will have a classmate who will guide you, so your desire to study and work will increase greatly. Students dreaming of meeting the principal, this is "school phobia", do not hold books all day long, overly attached to the results, sometimes you should also relax and try to participate in other activities, otherwise your nerves will soon be weakened."