Dreaming of being fired

What does dreaming of being fired mean? Is it good to dream of being fired? Dreams of being fired have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are fired from your job foretells that your position will be promoted and your life will be improved. To dream of someone being fired is an ominous sign. To dream of someone being fired indicates that one's interpersonal situation is not very good. To dream of being fired by your boss indicates that there is more pressure from your boss and that you recognize this pressure and will be recognized by your boss as you continue to work hard. A student dreaming of being expelled will gain fame. Unemployed people dream of being fired, they can find a job they like soon. Case study of dream of being fired Description of dream: The most horrible dream I had was that I was expelled from school. I dreamed that I did not do well on my exams and was at the bottom of the class, but I was actually one of the top students, and as a result, I dreamed that I was expelled. (Male, 20 years old) Dream Interpretation: The dream of being expelled means praise and help. To dream that you are expelled indicates that you are strict with yourself, which means you will be praised by your teacher. To dream that another person is expelled means that you will help your classmates sincerely."