Dreaming of being kicked

What does dreaming of being kicked mean? How about dreaming of being kicked? Dreams of being kicked have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. As the saying goes, "beating is kissing, scolding is loving", being kicked in a dream means being close, and being in close contact with each other's feet means being close to each other's roots. To dream of a rich man kicking himself means that your roots have changed and you will become rich with it. A woman dreaming of being kicked by her husband means that she understands her husband's heart better and can get more favor from him. A man dreaming that his wife kicks him means that he cares more about his wife's feelings and can get more love from her. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation To be kicked by someone's foot, the master seeks wealth. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: There are many ways to symbolize aggression. If you dream that you kick someone else, it indicates that you make aggression against others in an acceptable way, and that you do not necessarily act that way in the waking state. If you are kicked by someone else in your dream, it indicates that you may be the victim. Psychoanalysis: If you play soccer in your dream, it symbolizes your need for self-control, but also the desire to control external situations. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the kick in the dream expresses your need for motivation."