Dreaming of blood donation

What does it mean to dream of donating blood? How about dreaming of blood donation? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of blood donation, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Blood donation, also known as blood donation, is the voluntary donation of whole blood, plasma or blood components by donors without receiving any compensation, and is a socially beneficial event. Dreaming of blood donation, there is a problem in mental aspect. The whole day in a trance, and no energy to do things. The reason for this is to stay up late, reading novels at night should be stopped in moderation, sufficient sleep is most important. Dreaming of blood donation, there is the danger of losing the property. Money has the opportunity to earn, but earn hard, must keep the money, should not be reckless investment or spending, otherwise it is hard to make money painful to spend. A candidate for an examination dreaming of donating blood predicts an okay examination result. Unmarried people dreaming of blood donation, the Lord's recent love fortune is unsuccessful. A patient dreaming of blood donation, rest well, the condition will soon be cured. To dream of donating blood and meeting a con man is a sign that one will gain a new source of income."