Dreaming of boating

What does it mean to dream of boating? Is it good to dream of rowing a boat? Dreams of boating have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of rowing alone foretells that you will disagree with your friends and face a stressful situation alone. To dream of boating with your wife or girlfriend, it predicts that you will win big and everything will go well. Dreaming of rowing with friends foretells that you will be in the same boat with your companions to overcome all difficulties and succeed. Dreaming that someone is rowing a boat may cause you to lose the support of your friends. To dream of rowing a boat on a day when the sky is in full view foretells that everything will be great and success will be achieved. Dream of boating in bad weather. It foretells that you will encounter many difficulties and obstacles. Dreaming of paddling in a dragon boat race, beware of pickpockets in the near future, especially in public places such as restaurants, and be careful with your belongings."