Dreaming of brushing a horse

What does it mean to dream of brushing a horse? How about dreaming of grooming a horse? Dreaming of brushing a horse has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are grooming a horse foretells that you will overcome many hardships and difficulties with wisdom and hard work before your wishes come true. If you succeed in grooming well. You will reach the top of your ideal, no matter what you want. Dreaming of riding a horse will soon lead to fame and fortune. To dream of falling off the back of a horse is an omen of demotion and destruction of reputation. If you dream of a horse draped all over, you will be well fed and clothed. Dreaming of a mare and foal coming towards you can make you rich. Dreaming of an unmounted horse following close behind you will soon be given an honorary title. Dreaming of riding a horse, bad luck is coming. If you dream of buying a horse, you will soon get married and start a family. To dream of training a horse means to be appointed to a special position by the state. Dreaming of having many horses will make you a millionaire. Dream of feeding water to a horse, low office."