Dreaming of buying a TV with my girlfriend

Dreaming of buying a TV with my girlfriend what does it mean? How about dreaming of buying a TV with my girlfriend? Dreaming of buying a TV with your girlfriend has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. In real life, buying a TV is a costly and important family consumption activity. Buying a TV with a girlfriend in a dream is a symbol of the dreamer's desire to be closer to his girlfriend emotionally. If a boy who is still studying dreams that he is buying a TV for his girlfriend, it means that the dreamer will buy something for his girlfriend that he cannot afford to buy and will have a financial crisis, which directly leads to the dreamer needing to borrow money in order to get by. If a boy who has been working for a while dreams of buying a TV with his girlfriend, it means that their relationship is going very well and that they will get engaged in the near future. A married man dreaming that he goes to buy a TV with his wife is not a good omen. This dream foretells that there is a great conflict between the husband and wife and the man wants a third party in his life to spice up the unhappy life. Dreaming of watching TV means that you are a career-minded person, you are very ambitious to break into the business and have a chance to succeed, but remember that proper entertainment can tune your mood, rest is to take a longer road, do not be too tired. To dream of watching TV is a symbol of success, and mostly indicates that what the dreamer is currently doing will be successfully concluded and the dreamer will be able to achieve remarkable success. Dreaming of watching TV, this dream may also imply that the dreamer is a person with a strong sense of enterprise, the dreamer is always able to face their work career with all their spirit, so this dream is also a reminder of the dreamer, in addition to work, the appropriate entertainment is still very necessary, it can well regulate their mood, to allow themselves to work in a better state of mind, but also to allow themselves in the current The road to go farther. Dreaming that you are watching TV with your family, this dream may imply that the dreamer is a family man, the dreamer is also able to handle his family affairs well, I believe the dreamer's family life will be very warm and happy, but still remind the dreamer, this family spirit needs to continue to work harder, continue to adhere to, to know that "family and everything is prosperous "The harmony of the family is the root of everything, we work, study and so on is originally for the service of happy family life. To dream that you are watching TV and suddenly encounter a power outage or TV set is broken, this dream may be a metaphor that the dreamer's current career, which is flourishing, may encounter difficulties, there may be some unexpected blow to the dreamer, remind the dreamer to respond carefully, do not take it lightly, otherwise the dreamer's career is likely to decline."