Dreaming of buying things

What does dreaming of buying things mean? How about dreaming of buying things? Dreams of buying things have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. In your life, you have made, or will have to decide the big and small choices, I'm afraid no less than a few stars in the sky. However, you may not always be able to make the right choice quickly and decisively, just like buying something, you may spend a lot of money, but buy a long-overdue third-rate singer's vintage nose ring. Buying something in a dream is basically a reflection of this kind of theme about "choice" or weighing the trade-offs between different choices. You may dream that you are gleefully sweeping the streets, only to find that you have no money to pay, no card to swipe, and no friends to borrow; or you are distressed that you spent a lot of money but got a bargain; not only did you forget what you wanted to buy in a large mall, but you also got lost ....... These may remind you that in real life, do you really have the ability to "choose" what you want? Are you paying too much for something, or have you forgotten what you really wanted in the first place among the many possibilities? When you dream that you are buying something, don't forget to pay attention to the context of the dream; between the night market stall and the import counter buying and selling behavior, not only the difference in amount; in the mind, there is a subtle desire to satisfy the vanity. It may be sad to say, but we are indeed as calculating as buying things in dealing with all kinds of choices. When you dream of buying something, there will be little things that make you happy. Dreaming of buying handicrafts, you will have good luck in the opposite sex. A single man or woman dreaming of buying handicrafts will soon find the person of their choice. When you dream of buying perfume, you will be loved by people. When you dream of buying a painting, sorrow and pain will come."