Dreaming of chattering

What does dreaming of chattering mean? How is it to dream of chattering? Dreams of chatter have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To nag is to pour out one's inner discontent. To dream of nagging indicates inner dissatisfaction. In real life, people who always chatter can easily cause others to be bored, and the aggressiveness in the dream is a reminder that the dreamer must be careful in real life to interact with the people around them. If you dream that you are chattering to friends to friends, indicating that the dreamer's character is very cheerful, and unconventional, in life will have many friends, but also be careful not to cause friends boredom because of their excessive talkative. If you dream of a friend who is babbling about something to himself, it indicates that the dreamer likes to interact, but does not pay attention to each other's words and actions. This dream is to remind the dreamer to be more steady and less entangled when interacting with friends, especially friends of the opposite sex. To dream that your girlfriend is getting married is a sign that you may not be as good as your girlfriend in some ways and feel pressured to always be conscious of losing her."