Dreaming of cheating on exams

Dreaming of cheating on exams what does it mean? How about dreaming of cheating in exams? Dreams of cheating on exams have realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of being caught cheating on an exam is a sign that you are very nervous about the exam and want to get good grades. To dream of cheating on a test indicates that you are anxious about not being able to show your abilities, and also indicates a lack of confidence in something. To dream of cheating on a test is usually a sign that you are facing some difficulty or challenge in your life in the near future that you want to escape and cannot run away from, and your confidence in this challenge is lacking. A student dreaming of cheating in an exam foretells that you will not do well in this exam. Case study of dreaming of cheating (@ ) Dream description: I never cheated when I was in school, but after working I dreamt that I cheated on a test. I dreamed that we were taking an English test in Chinese to English and I knew how to translate, but there was one word I couldn't write, so I took a peek, but the teacher didn't notice. (Male, 23 years old) Dream Analysis: Cheating in a dream is a reflection of inferiority complex. The scenario of cheating appears in your dream, which indicates that there is a deep sense of inferiority in your heart, that's why you dream that you are cheating in your dream. To dream that you are cheating shows that you lack confidence in yourself and have an inferiority complex, and this dream is telling you to have self-confidence."