Dreaming of combing hair

What does dreaming of combing hair mean? Do you dream of combing your hair? Dreaming of combing hair has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of combing your hair means that you will be lucky, your worries will leave you, your health will be good and everything will go smoothly. To dream that you are combing your hair with a comb indicates that the depression in your heart is relieved and your worries and sorrows will pass. To dream of a hairdresser combing your hair with a comb foretells that you will be helped by a valuable person who will help you solve your troubles and problems. Dreaming that you combed your hair and lost a comb of hair, you recently encountered tangled things and need to meditate and comb. Case study of dreaming of combing hair (BY ) Dream description: My hair is short, very easy to comb, when I am busy, I comb it twice to solve the problem. In the dream, I somehow became long hair, and it was particularly difficult to comb it, and after combing it for half a day, it didn't flow smoothly. Then my sister came to help me and only then did I comb my hair smoothly. (Female, 29 years old) Dream Analysis: Combing your hair in your dream indicates that you are rather troubled in your mind and cannot find a clue about the trivia in your heart, which is why you had this dream. If you dream of combing your hair and it is combed smoothly, it means that all is about to be solved and all kinds of troubles will be eliminated. If you dream of a braid on your head, it represents friendship. It indicates that you are a very social person, you have many friends, and the braid in the dream indicates the formation of a new friendship, and everyone treats each other sincerely and happily. Dreaming of washing hair is a very good dream that foretells that things will go well with the love of the couple."